About Sunbeam Energy

Here at Sunbeam Energy, we believe that energy should be affordable, reliable, renewable and in your control

We know there's no better way to accomplish those goals than through owning your own power by harnessing the boundless energy of our sun! Because we're independent, we take the time to discover what your goals are before matching you up with the best solar options in your area tailored to meet your needs. By working with an independent brokerage like Sunbeam Energy, you get access to all of the options and programs available to you instead of the "one size fits all" approach most other solar companies have when it comes to equipment, installation, and financing.

Solar Housees

Independent &
Customer Focused

As an independent solar brokerage, we have access to far more programs, payment methods and equipment options than the average solar company. The perfect system for one person is not always the perfect system for another. Instead of showing everyone the same panels, inverters and financing plans, we take the time to find out what your solar goals are before designing your system accordingly and matching you up with the perfect program for you. As a result, your project is tailored to your specific needs.

Industry Leading Pricing and Warranty

We offer the latest cutting-edge equipment the industry has to offer, featuring brands like REC, Canadian Solar, Enphase, and SolarEdge, at prices others will find difficult to match. Take advantage of more equipment options and loan terms featuring APRs as low as 1.49%. The entire package is backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the solar industry from SolarInsure. Rest easy knowing that the entire system is protected for a full 30 years regardless of whether the manufacturer or installer is still in business to service it.

Sustainability Matters

Sustainability factors into every decision we make at Sunbeam Energy, including our choice of installers. Powur is the first solar company to offset 100% of the carbon emissions associated with the solar panel manufacturing process, installation, and operations! On top of this, by conducting appointments online, our friendly and knowledgeable solar energy advisors' carbon footprints are roughly 1/10th that of an in-home salesperson. Not only does this save fuel and time - it saves money as well. These savings get passed on to YOU allowing us to provide better, cleaner technology at a better price than our competitors can afford to offer.

Curtis Bailey and Drew Sugarman

Get To Know Sunbeam Energy

Sunbeam Energy was founded by two elementary teachers turned solar gurus. After 6 years of upper management experience a piece in the solar industry, we'd seen enough to appreciate how much better solar companies could be. We watched as the price of equipment plummeted while the cost to homeowners barely budged. By partnering with Powur, the fastest growing solar installer in the nation, we're able to offer better equipment at a better price point with a better warranty than the competition. Since 2019, we've expanded to a team of over two dozen consultants helping homeowners demystify solar in over 20 states.

How It Works

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    Most of our jobs are fully installed within 90 days and come with a 30 year guarantee!

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