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Take back your power

We believe in work-life balance and time and location freedom. Work when, where, how, and how much you want to. Take full control of your schedule and work-life balance without minimum hours or quotas.

Take back your freedom

Industry-Leading Commissions

Our commissions are calculated using a revolutionary and transparent cost of goods model. As such, commission per project is typically several times higher than the industry average without compromising equipment quality, warranty, or pricing to customers. Offer the best deals in the industry on the highest quality equipment backed by the best and longest warranty in the industry AND make more for the same work. 

Cutting-Edge Training and Tools

Our comprehensive virtual training platform brings solar industry knowledge to you on your own terms. In addition to a comprehensive video library and weekly office hours from the top manufacturers and lenders in the industry, we provide one-on-one mentorship, coaching, and leadership development from experienced industry leaders. Sell using the latest and greatest interactive proposal technology, speed up projects with unique digital site visit processes, and get the word out using an innovative digital marketing center with ready-made digital and print content.


Sustainability factors into every decision we make at Sunbeam Energy, including our choice of installers. Powur is the first solar company to offset 100% of the carbon emissions associated with the solar panel manufacturing process, installation, and operations! On top of this, by conducting appointments online, our friendly and knowledgeable solar energy advisors' carbon footprints are roughly 1/10th that of an in-home salesperson.


Multiple Income Streams

Our consultants have 5 distinct streams of revenue including the potential to generate passive income and stock bonuses. Get paid for sales, marketing, and recruitment all from the same compensation plan!

How To Apply:

Send a resume to opportunities@sunbeam-energy.com to be considered for an interview.

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