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Sunbeam Energy was founded in 2019 by two elementary teachers turned solar pros. After 6 years of upper management experience a piece in the solar industry, we'd seen enough to appreciate how much better solar companies could be. We watched as the price of equipment plummeted while the cost to the homeowner has barely budged. By conducting business remotely, cutting out the bloat, and working with multiple reputable installers, we're able to offer the best pricing in the industry without compromising on equipment, installation quality, or warranty protection.

Because we're independent, we take the time to discover what your goals are before matching you up with the best solar options in your area tailored to meet your needs. By working with an independent brokerage like ours, you get access to all of the options and programs available to you instead of the "one size fits all" approach most other solar companies when it comes to equipment, installation, and financing.

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We believe that energy should be affordable, reliable, renewable and in your control. We know there's no better way to accomplish those goals than through owning your own power by harnessing the boundless energy of our sun!

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